Why are Reboot-IT refurbished and pre-owned iPhone and Galaxy mobile phones are so good?






Before we sell any phone, each used mobile phone is tested from the top to bottom, with every feature and function thoroughly tested.

Each phone is flashed so the firmware is restored to the original version eliminating any issues that may have been present in the phones operating system.





Due to this rigorous testing procedure, we can provide a 6mth warranty with each phone, giving you peace of mind.

A new USB cable and power adapter is provided with each device*.

All our second hand iPhone and Galaxy mobile phones have had their IMEI checked so you can be assured the phones are finance free. They are also guaranteed to be carrier and iPhone unlocked.






All our devices are shipped fast and free from our Melbourne, Australia warehouse.

*new adapter provided with iPhones only. Cables and adapters are aftermarket.

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