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Apple iPad Air 2 A1566 32GB WIFI Silver AU STOCK Tablet | A-Grade 6mth Wty

  • 9.7" Retina display
  • Powerful three-core 1.5 GHz Apple A8X processor
  • 8-megapixel rear camera


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Apple iPad Air 1st Gen A1474 32GB WIFI Space Grey AU STOCK | A-Grade 6mth Wty

  • 32GB Storage Capacity
  • 6mth Warranty & Free Shipping


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Apple iPad Mini 5th Gen A12133 64GB WIFI Space Grey AU STOCK | B-Grade 6mth Wty

  • 7.9-inch LED-backlit Retina display
  • Apple A12 Bionic processo
  • 8MP rear camera and 7MP front camera


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Apple iPad Pro 1st Gen 11" A1980 WIFI 256GB Space Grey AU STOCK | B-Grade

  • 11” Liquid Retina display (2388x1668)
  • Eight-core 2.5 GHz Apple A12X Bionic processor
  • Dual cameras (12 MP rear, 7 MP front)


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Apple iPad Pro 2017 A1701 10.5" 256GB WIFI Space Grey AU STOCK | B-Grade

  • 10.5" Multi-Touch Retina Display
  • 2224 x 1668 Screen Resolution (264 ppi)
  • WIFI only


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Reboot IT is Australia's largest range of quality refurbished Apple iPads including iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, Mini and Mini 2. Buy quality iPads that that have been fully tested to manufacturer standards and all come with warranty. Our sale prices on used Apple iPads are unbeatable.

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  • All refurbished iPads go through a complete diagnostic test testing every feature and function.
  • The original operating system installed
  • Power adapter and lightning cable included

Apple products are premium and carry the premium price tag. Buying a refurbished iPad is a great way to save money, up to hundreds of dollars and with our standard 6mth warranty and expert technicians, you can have peace of mind that your used iPad will work just as well as a new one.

iPad Buying Guide
One of the most common questions we get is, what is the best buy for iPads, should I buy an iPad?

Should I buy an iPad?
An iPad is a convenient and portable way to accomplish many basic tasks which a laptop can also do. If you need to check email, surf the internet, keep up to date with your socials, pay bills, stream video, or play music then they could be a good option.

If you need lots of accessories that connect to USB ports, need to extend the video to single or dual monitors or work on large spreadsheets or applications which require large screen space, a laptop maybe a better option.

Performance is also a consideration, laptops are generally more powerful, easier to fix and able to be upgraded.

In summary, if you need a portable device to do basic tasks an iPad is usually more affordable, has great build quality, is easier to use and not as prone to be affected by viruses and malware.

Want to see what IOS your iPad is compatible with? Check out our iPad IOS compatibility chart here.

Which refurbished iPad is the best buy?
This will be determined by what you need to use it for. If you want an iPad for a young child to keep them entertained on long drives then a basic iPad may do, as you can still download movies and videos to them.

Used iPad 2 and iPad 3 are very affordable at between $100-$150 but keep in mind that they cannot run the latest iOS which means many applications will not run on them. iPad 4 is are also budget friendly and has the same retina screen as the iPad 3 but has a better front camera, faster processor and uses a lighting connection versus the old 30-pin connector on the earlier iPads. Having said that, the iPad for will also not run the latest iOS from Apple.

iPad Air is a slight upgrade over the iPad 4 in terms of it having the Apple A7 chip versus the A6 chip of the iPad 4. It is lighter and slimmer but has the same screen and camera’s as the iPad 4.

The first tier of iPads to support the iOS 14 (the latest Apple operating system at time of writing) is the iPad Air 2 and iPad 5th Generation. These iPads will run all the latest apps so no complaining from the kids. The iPad 2 introduced us to Touch ID which means you can unlock your device with the tap of your finger. A faster A8 chip, Apple claims gives the iPad Air 2 a 40% faster CPU than the iPad Air.

Upgrades between these models are quite significant with a better camera and improved WIFI speed.

The iPad 5th Gen. is a budget version of the iPad with a slower processor and a 5MP camera versus the 8MP for the Air 2. The screens have the same IPS LCD 9.7” 1536 x 2048 resolution. If you do not need the CPU speed or better camera, the iPad 5 will save you a few dollars.

The final refurbished iPad model we get in is the iPad Pro. This model comes in the 9.7” and 12.9” models. For most people, the 12.9” is too big and heavy and for that reason not a great choice for children.

The iPad Pro supports the Pencil and has a display specifically designed to work the Apple pencil. Apple also introduced the Smart Connector with the model which means you do not have to pair a Bluetooth device manually; you just snap in the accessory. You would typically use a keyboard with this technology, and it will also power the keyboard at the same time. The only drawback is that there are currently limited accessories that can use this technology.

The camera gets a huge upgrade with a 12MP camera and offers better audio via its four speakers versus two in the Air 2. Improvement in speed comes with the A9X chip so overall many users will find value in paying a higher price for all these upgrades.

Should I buy an iPad Mini?
The obvious factor here is size and weight. The iPad Mini has a 7.9” screen vs the 9.7” screen of a standard iPad. The iPad Mini uses the lightning connector rather than the 30-pin connector of the iPad 2 and 3. The biggest technical difference between the iPad Mini 1st Gen and an iPad 2 is the camera, being able to shoot 1080p video and a 5MP sensor.

The iPad Mini 2 is basically the same size as the Mini 1 but is a little heavier as it has a faster A7 processor and a Retina screen. The screen upgrade gives are a 1536x2048 resolution up from the 768x1024 of the Mini 1. In terms of the camera, there is virtually no technical change, both offering 1080p video and a 5MP sensor.

WIFI connectivity is better, the iPad Mini 2 has dual channel WIFI (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with MIMO giving it superior wireless connectivity.

Bottom line here is, a faster processor, a retina screen and better WIFI may justify the extra cost of this model.

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