Cosmetic Grading

Cosmetic Grades - Definitions

Refurbished iPhones, Galaxy, Laptop, Computer grading

N Grade – All products

  • Brand new, never used in pristine condition.

Used Smartphone / Refurbished Mobile Phones

A Grade

  • No chips, scratches or cracks on the front glass and housing
  • No missing or alternative parts
  • No sign of liquid damage
  • Battery cannot be swollen

B Grade – Same as A Grade except:

  • May have light scuffs but no chips or cracks
  • Light scratches on housing or front glass

C-Grade – Same as B Grade except:

  • Unlimited long shallow scratches on the front glass
  • No chips or cracks on the front glass
  • Unlimited scratches, chips/dents on back cover housing and corners
  • Minor cracks allowed
  • Customized housing and aftermarket covers allowed


  • May be iCloud locked
  • Non-functional, sold as is for parts only
  • No warranty

Refurbished Desktops, Laptops and Monitors


  • Overall excellent to very good cosmetic condition. Some may be pristine, others may have light scratches or minor blemishes.
  • Laptops may have some shiny areas around the keyboard such as the space bar, touchpad or touchpad buttons.
  • Keyboard keys will be in excellent condition.
  • Laptop and monitor screens will be blemish free.
  • Cosmetic blemishes will not impact the overall functionality or performance of the device.


  • Will have some cosmetic blemishes that include scratches and/or other imperfections
  • Minor scratches and dents on the housing.
  • Laptops may have shiny keys or shiny surfaces around the keyboard however all characters will be legible.
  • Laptop and monitors screens will have imperfections such as minor scratches, minor chips and/or white spots. There will be no cracking on the screen.
  • Have the same warranty as A Grade
  • Pricing will be cheaper than A Grade.


  • Same as B-Grade except may have unlimited scratches/blemishes on the screen.
  • May have cracks/chips or dents on the housing.
  • Have the same warranty as A Grade
  • Pricing will be cheaper than B Grade.


  • Non-functional items.
  • Sold as is and for parts only.
  • No warranty.
  • Cheapest pricing of all devices.