Alcatel 4039 Office Business Telephone Handset

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  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • Large display (78 x 51mm)
  • Speakerphone

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The Alcatel-Lucent 4039 phone is the top of the range model in the Alcatel 9 series phone handsets designed to work with both the Alcatel Omni PCX as well as the Alcatel Omni PCX Compact pbx system. With its large display the 4039 handset is designed for receptionists or managers that need to see more a glance. The only things that distinguish the 4039 from the Alcatel 4029 phone is the larger display, 4 grey levels not just black and white, a higher resolution screen and the fact there are 10 soft keys – 5 on either side of the screen whereas the Alcatel 4029 has 6 in total. The rest of the rich feature set is the same.

In terms of colour choice the Alcatel 4039 phone comes in both urban grey and arctic white. The 4039 phone handsets 10 soft keys allow users to see what’s on screen. With a total of 40 programmable functions you can use them for staff, phone lines, personal speed dial numbers, paging and more. The way you access the other 30 buttons is by scrolling down the screen with the silver navigator button in the middle of the handset. 40 functions is quite a lot for current phone handsets however the reality for receptionists is its better to get a DSS console with more buttons for daily use. This is an extra module that is easily attached to the side of the 4039 phone and shows everything at a glance. You can add up to 3 extra Alcatel DSS 40 button modules (120 extra people) or 3 smart consoles with 14 buttons (42 in total).

The 40 button use paper labels and are cheaper than the all digital smart modules. One of the most unique features of the Alcatel 4039 phone is the QWERTY keyboard you may have noticed at the base of the handset. It allows you the fastest access to your speed dial numbers of any brand. Simply type in the first letter, or first couple of letters, and it will bring up all the relevant stored speed dial numbers on the screen. Just find the person you’re after and hit the OK button on the navigator. It dials instantaneously. You can also use the keyboard for internal messaging in the office. The keyboard and messaging may seem like a gimmick but customers that use it daily simply wouldn’t live without it.






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