The ABC’s of refurbished iPhone and Galaxy mobile phones grades

You may have seen on our site we have our used iPhone and Galaxy mobile phones graded as A, B and C. You may be confused about what the heck this means. Some sites grade phones as Excellent, Good and Fair which basically the same thing as A, B and C.

So, let’s define exactly what is an A, B, or C grade refurbished mobile phone.

Refurbished iPhone and Galaxy product grading

A Grade

  • No chips, scratches or cracks on the front glass and housing
  • No missing or alternative parts
  • No sign of liquid damage
  • Batter cannot be swollen

B Grade – Same as A Grade except:

  • May have light scuffs but no chips or cracks
  • Light scratches on housing or front glass

C-Grade – Same as B Grade except:

  • Unlimited long shallow scratches on the front glass
  • No chips or cracks on the front glass
  • Unlimited scratches, chips/dents on back cover housing and corners
  • Minor cracks allowed
  • Customized housing and aftermarket covers allowed


  • Useful for parts only

Hopefully that clarifies what our grading system is and will make it easier to decide which phone grade to select. If you need help, our sales team can assist on 1300 747 788 or via email

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