Why purchase refurbished computer equipment

By: Jeff Fujii   On: 23 January 2012 

Why buy refurbished computers laptops monitors

The obvious benefit of buying refurbished or used computer equipment is the cost saving. You can buy refurbished computers, monitors and laptops for up to 80% off their original new price and often the equipment is only 2-3 years old.

Research shows that most people who have purchased a refurbished computer will never buy a new computer or laptop ever again. 

The most common question is "well the price is great but what about the warranty?" In our case all our equipment is sourced directly from the computer manufacturers whose processes are so good that they offer warranties on all the equipment they supply to us. We are so sure of the quality we increase the warranty to our customers to 3 months instead of the usual 1 month.

This certainty about the product comes from our years of experience of only dealing with global computer companies. A pitfall for a lot of  buyers is purchasing equipment from vendors who source their stock from auction houses or office clean outs. The buyer needs to be careful as this type of equipment is not tested by the manufacturer and you rely solely on the expertise of  the vendor.

So there is another benefit,  our refurbished equipment comes directly from the computer companies that manufacture them so you know their full resource and expertise has been used in the refurbishment which is how we can offer a 3 month replacement warranty.

What is a refurbished computer anyway. Well in our case all the computers have been on lease to major Australian companies, government departments and educational institutions. When the lease expires on this equipment, typically anywhere between 2-4 years the computer companies take them back, test and refurbish them and then send them to companies like Reboot-IT.

Again, you can be sure that all our equipment has be inspected and serviced by the manufacturer before being repackaged and sent to us to sell.

So, why would you want to buy a refurbished computer?

To save MONEY. You can get equipment at up to 80% off the original manufacturers price with warranty. If you purchase a new computer or laptop, it will depreciate as soon as you leave the store. The beauty with refurbished equipment is that most of the depreciation has already come off the machine.

It is important to buy from a registered business rather than at auctions, swapmeets or from private dealers. You’ll have more chance of redress if things go wrong.

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