What is the difference between a used iPad and a refurbished iPad?

On: 6 November 2020 

What is the difference between a used iPad and a refurbished iPad?

This is a common question we get asked a lot. Simply put, a used iPad is one which has nothing done to it aside from being turned on to make sure it works. A refurbished iPad costs the same as a used iPad but has been thoroughly checked with specialist software and had any issues that fall below the testing standard rectified. In addition, a refurbished iPad is thoroughly cleaned, had it IMEI checked and has been fully reset.

At Reboot IT we use specially designed mobile testing software that connects to the device and first retrieves the hardware specifications and OS version. The device is then reset and checked for iCloud password. It is important to know if you get a device which is iCloud locked it can only be removed by Apple support.

Our testing software then checks:

  • Battery life. We set a threshold of 80% of its maximum load to pass, anything below this we put in a new battery
  • Touchscreen
  • Speakers
  • All buttons, home, power, sound
  • LCD cosmetic check for scratches or cracks
  • WIFI
  • Microphone
  • Front/Back camera
  • Accelerometer

So at the same price, a six-month warranty, and the quality assurance of knowing the device has been thoroughly tested, buying a refurbished iPad over a used one is a no brainer.

A final check you should do when selected what refurbished iPad to buy is to check what IOS is compatible with the iPad. Apple make their products obsolete by making them incompatible with their IOS which can mean some applications will not run on certain iPads. Check out our guide here.

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