Should you buy second hand PC parts?

Should you buy second hand PC parts?

You can get bargains when it comes to refurbished computer parts whether it be a CPU, memory module or a graphics card.

Reasons you should you buy used PC parts :

  • To save money. Just call a computer giant like Dell or Lenovo and ask for a quote on a part for a laptop or desktop. Their pricing will blow your mind. Due to the huge volume of stock we sell, we also have a huge range of used genuine PC parts at a fraction of the cost.
  • You have an older system and new parts just are not compatible
  • You don’t have to buy new – memory is a great example of this. Most memory comes with a lifetime warranty as is rarely faulty. Great savings can be made with second hand RAM.
  • Help the environment – By purchasing refurbished computer parts, this means a new one does not have to be made, saving precious fossil fuels, not to mention keeping the parts out of landfill for longer.

You should not be concerned about used cheap PC parts, as long as they come from a reputable supplier with a warranty and return policy you don’t have too much to lose.

Here is a list of parts which are best to buy as a used PC part:

  • CPU’s – spend their life under a heatsink and really do not wear out
  • Memory – same as CPU’s. Are clipped into a DIMM slot passing electricity through their circuits. There is a reason why most memory comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Hard drives – They are getting better and better. Most computers will provide a warning if the hard drive is starting to fail. If your data is critical, probably best to buy new but they can also fail.
  • Motherboards - Great savings here but you need to examine the capacitors carefully to make sure there are none which have burst or are swollen.
  • Keyboards and mice – great cost savings here compared with new.
  • Housing and chassis parts – face plates, bezels, hard drive doors/latches are excellent value used. Prices on these from the manufacturers can be sky high.



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