Should I get a refurbished Apple MacBook?

Should I get a refurbished Apple MacBook?Refurbished Apple MacBook

Finding the right Apple laptop is a huge decision that every Apple fan must go through. It is the ultimate laptop for a lot of people, and it can be hard to find the right one for you. But buying a MacBook is a lot harder for people that do not have a lot of money. That is why buying a refurbished MacBook is an important decision and this blog will look at some of the considerations.

1. Tips on how to buy a used MacBook?

2. What model Apple laptop should I buy?

3. How much cheaper can you get a MacBook?

4. What is a refurbished Apple MacBook from Reboot IT?

5. Make sure the used Apple MacBook has a health battery

6. Check the cosmetic grading of the refurbished Apple laptop

When it comes to great laptops, Apple always offers some of the best performance. These laptops are also great for students and anyone who needs something portable and light. The problem with the MacBook is that it is usually expensive. Buying a used MacBook can be a great option for anyone who is on a budget.

Tips on how to buy a used MacBook.

When it comes to buying a used MacBook, you must be careful. You do not want to buy a laptop with a broken screen, or a laptop that does not even turn on. You do not want to buy a laptop that has a virus, or one that has been tampered with. You want to buy a MacBook that has been tested and cleaned by a professional, and you want to buy it from someone you can trust.

Before purchasing any refurbished Apple MacBook, it is important to run a series of tests to ensure that the device is in good working condition. These tests include:

- Checking the battery life by running the device unplugged

- Testing the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

- Inspecting the physical condition of the battery (if possible)

- Checking the hard drive health with Disk Utility or a similar program

- Testing all USB ports with a flash USB thumb drive, as well as Thunderbolt or FireWire ports

- Checking for dead pixels on the display

- Running the hardware test

- If the Mac has a DVD/CD combo drive, testing it with a DVD or CD

- Making sure that the serial number on the case matches the one in the system

If you buy a refurbished Apple laptop from Reboot IT, we have already done this all for you using our specialized software performed by our expert technicians. If we find anything that does not pass these tests, we replace with genuine parts and re-run the tests.

What model should I buy?

The first thing to decide is what model year Apple laptop you need. Always check the product description for the year the model was made or ask the seller. The jumps in technology can make huge differences in performance and the ability to run the latest software.

Apple have a page on their website which shows which year models support the latest operating system. A general guide is that to run the latest operating system the device should be no more than 7 years old, double check the Apple website to be sure.

How much cheaper can you get a refurbished Apple MacBook?

Buying refurbished will save you up to 70% off when compared to when new. The savings are huge and make owing an Apple MacBook affordable. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer who has a professional refurbishing process and offers a warranty.

You can get a real bargain if you buy from a private seller, but the downside is there is no protection for you as a buyer so that bargain may end up costing you.





What is a refurbished Apple MacBook from Reboot IT?

Our refurbished Apple laptops are from business’s, education, or government organizations. Our laptops never come from private consumers. They have been used and are typically 2-4 years old.

What do we refurbish? Every used Apple laptop that we receive goes through a specialty testing software. Specifically, we test:

  • Speakers
  • Screen
  • Touchscreen (if applicable)
  • USB Ports
  • LAN Port
  • Optical drive (if applicable)
  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • WIFI
  • Battery
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Speaker

If any of these functional tests fail, we repair with genuine Apple parts and then re-test the device. The results of these tests are recorded in our database. The device then has a fresh copy of the operating installed and is cosmetically cleaned. Only when the device has successfully passed through this process will it be made available for sale.

Not all refurbishing processes are alike so ensuring the company you purchase from has a documented process, specialty software to test the device and expert technicians to perform the testing.

Reboot IT has been in business since 2001, so you know the refurbished Apple laptop you buy has been thoroughly tested and is in top notch condition.

Make sure the used Apple MacBook has a health battery.

Our specially designed laptop testing software tests the battery for its current health and compares the current charge capacity against the original charge capacity. We set a benchmark of 70% of original charge as a pass and below that number means we will replace the battery with a brand new one. Always ask about the battery health, if the seller does not know you are risking have to replace the battery which can be costly.

Check the cosmetic grading of the refurbished Apple laptop

We grade all our used Apple MacBook laptops for cosmetic purposes. We only sell A and B grade which is shown in the product page and title of the product. If a product is B-Grade it will have this in the title, if it is not, then it is A-Grade.

So, what is the difference between A and B Grade? Here are some general guidelines:

A-Grade – Minor cosmetic marks/scratches expected from normal usage of a laptop. The screen will be blemish free and the keyboard will not have rubbed or faded keys.

B-Grade – Wil have some heavier marks/scratches on the case and the screen may have scratches, white spots, or dead pixels. The device is still fully functional.

Buying a used MacBook is a fantastic way to save money while still getting the quality of a brand-new MacBook. Ask questions of the seller, do your comparisons between the new and used price and choose a retailer you can trust.


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