Save Money with Refurb Laptops

By: Jeff Fujii   On: 18 October 2020 

Save Money with Refurb Laptops

Do your research, compare prices and you can get a great laptop at a bargain price.

From our experience there are essentially two types of refurbished laptops, those that a current model that have been returned to the manufacturer and those that are ex-lease used laptops that are tested, cleaned and prepared for sale by the company who has acquired them.
The first category can be called outlet store laptops which offer buyers great savings on current model laptops but when compared to the average price of a used laptop are still quite expensive, usually $800-$1000+. You do get what you pay for though, so these laptops have current specifications with very low usage.

These refurb laptops have their functionality issues fixed by manufacturer, replaced into their boxes and are ready for sale. Reboot IT sell this type of laptop in the Dell Outlet category

The second category, ex-lease laptops do offer some incredible bargains. The specifications are older as they are generally 2-4 years old. The value here is they are corporate grade laptops which usually cost up to twice the price of a consumer grade device as they are built to much higher standard and have better quality components. After all, if there were not built to last, corporates who just move onto to another brand which will not break down on their employees.
Prices in this category are anywhere from $150-$600 depending on the age and all reputable sellers will offer them with warranty. A full range of our refurb laptops can viewed here 
Laptops will not come with original boxes or manuals (internet will solve this one) and they may have some scuffs or scratches on the casing however the amount you save will more than make up for this.
So what exactly happens to an ex-lease or ex-government laptop when it arrives at Reboot IT?
Our refurbishing involves a multi-step process which begins without audit team. When receiving in stock, all equipment is booted into our testing software which retrieves all the vital information from the machine such as CPU, hard drive, RAM, screen, and battery information. This step ensures the way we list refurb laptops for sales have accurate specification information.
The used laptop is then functionally tested including: the hard drive for bad sectors, screen for functionality and defects, keyboard, ports, ethernet, battery life etc. Any issues are noted to be addressed at the next step.
The final step in our refurbishing process is rectifying any issues identified in the audit, a fresh install of the operating system, cleaning, and final functionality testing. 

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