Asset Disposal Overview

Asset Disposal - Process Overview

Our comprehensive service includes a secure wipe of all information on your computers to ensure data safety, followed by either disposal, recycling, or reselling of the machines based on their current condition and market value.

The stages in the process are:

Pricing of equipment > Collection of Equipment > Data Wiping > Reporting > Payment to client.


1. Pricing Process for Customer’s Computers
The pricing process begins with an assessment of the condition and specifications of your computer(s). Factors like age, model, hardware configuration, and functionality play a crucial role in determining its value. Post this evaluation; we provide you with a competitive quotation for your devices. Pricing provided is net of all costs (collection, transportation, processing, and report generation). Data wiping is deducted separately depending on the service used.


2. Collection of Equipment
We use PackNSend as our contractor Australia wide. They will come and collect your end-of-life assets, pack and transport them to our warehouse in Melbourne. The cost for collection is variable and depends on the location of the customer, the number, and size of items to be collected. We offer a detailed quote once we have this information. The cost of the collection is built into our offer price.


3. Secure Date Wiping
We offer three data sanitization services.

1. Blancco Data wiping to the NIST 800-88 standard. NIST 800-88 is a U.S. government document that provides guidelines for effectively erasing data from electronic storage media. It is widely adopted in both government and private industry settings. The guidelines are technology-neutral, applicable to various types of media, including those not yet invented. NIST 800-88 is considered the go-to standard for media sanitization, surpassing the outdated DoD 5220.22-M standard.

Key points:
• NIST 800-88 provides guidelines for securely erasing data from electronic storage media.
• The guidelines apply universally to different types of media, regardless of the technology used.
• NIST 800-88 is widely adopted in both government and private industry settings.
• It has become the preferred standard over DoD 5220.22-M due to its technology inclusiveness.
• The principles of NIST 800-88 have also been incorporated into international standards like ISO/IEC 27040:2015.

Blancco wiping is charged per hard driver. Enquire with our team about this cost.


2. Aiken Data Wiping - The Aiken system provides four different methods to erase drives: Zeros and Random (software methods) and SE (Secure Erase) and ESE (Enhanced Secure Erase) (firmware methods). The software methods overwrite accessible sectors, while the firmware methods overwrite the full surface of the drive, including hidden areas. The erasure methods comply with NIST guidelines. The PC Auditor will not allow erasing defective drives flagged as “FAIL” by the SMART diagnosis system. Software methods can be cancelled, but firmware methods cannot.

Key points:
• PC Auditor provides four erasure methods: Zeros, Random, SE, and ESE.
• Software methods overwrite accessible sectors, while firmware methods overwrite the full surface of the drive.
• Erasure methods comply with NIST guidelines.
• Defective drives flagged as “FAIL” cannot be erased.
• Software method can be cancelled, but firmware method cannot.
Aiken data wiping is free of charge.

3. Physical destruction – We offer a shredding service through our partner Secure Document Destruction. SDD offers a Hard Drive Destruction service that ensures your data is securely destroyed. They are a member of NAID and offer on-site or secure premises destruction options. They are certified for data wiping and offer recycling services for all types of hard drives and ICT media. The destruction process can be recorded, and a Certificate of Destruction & Recycling is provided upon completion.

Key points:
• Member of NAID with AAA PSPF certification
• Certified for data wiping and recycling services.
• Destruction process can be recorded.
• Certificate of Destruction & Recycling provided upon completion.

The cost for physical destruction is charged per hard drive. nquire with our team about this cost.

Date wipe/destruction certificates are provided with each of the 3 methods.

4. Reporting
A goods receipt audit report (GRA) is provided with each collection. This report provides detailed information by serial number of each device collected. Included is specifications, cosmetic grading, and functional testing.

5. Additional Information

What other equipment do you take?
In addition to computers, we also consider peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners etc., essentially any IT equipment that you wish to dispose of.

What if the equipment has zero commercial value
If it’s determined that the computers have no resale value due to age or condition, we can provide secure data wiping before responsibly disposing or recycling them following environmental standards.

Who do I contact?
Should you have any questions about this process or wish to proceed with our services, please feel free to contact our dedicated team member Jeff Fujii at or call us at 1300 747 788