What is the best iPad to buy for kids?

By: Reboot-IT Used Apple Specialist   On: 14 May 2018 

iPads can be great for playing but they can also be educational. They can improve their hand to eye co-ordination and allow your child to learn the best way - the fun way.

We have a huge range of used Apple iPad tablets suitable for every budget. One thing to consider when choosing a model is to check to see if it supports the latest Apple IOS. As of the date of writing this blog only iPad Air and later models support the current operating system.

Maximum Supported iOS version by iPad Model

iPad Model Maximum iOS Support
iPad 2 iOS 9.x
iPad 3 iOS 9.x
iPad 4 iOS 9.x
iPad Mini iOS 9.x
iPad Air & later Current


Why is this so important? Apps are designed for the latest iOS so if your device does not support the latest version of the operating system, the app may not run. Some apps are not updated so it may not make a difference but it is wise to consider how your child will use the iPad. If it is just for surfing, audible books or YouTube then it may not be so important. If it is for playing a lot of games, then you will probably need one that support the current iOS,

If it is your child's first iPad and they are quite young, perhaps one of our secondhand iPad 2 devices is in order. They start at $159 so if they get dropped and crack the screen, it is not too much of a disaster. Our refurbished iPad Mini's are a good option also, particularly as they are smaller (7.9" vs 9.7") so easier for a child to hold.

Each of our used iPads are fully tested and examined for screen blemishes, dents, home button, web cam, sound, charging and battery life. Each iPad comes with a wall charger, lightning cable and a 3mth warranty. Check out our range here

Accessories are also a good idea, especially earphones and protective cases.

If you have any questions or need help in deciding which iPad to buy, give us a call on 1300 747 788 or via email at sales@reboot-it.com.au



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